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The evening breeze is the season of gardenia blossoms. I looked at the pillow and most of the white scorpion flowers bloomed. The nose seemed to have the rich scent. The thoughts returned to the early morning of the scorpion flower. I was in the courtyard. The aroma of the face rushed to the face, looked up, the original is the gardenia blossoms Cigarettes For Sale, the blossoming white flowers are high between the green leaves, the petals are white as jade, with the wind tremble, seem to be naughty in my beckoning, It seems to be smiling at me. "Mom, you are coming to see, the scorpion is blooming." I shouted loudly to the mother who was giving me a pillow in the room and wanted her to enjoy the beauty with me. Mother heard the sound, smiled and patted my head and said, "Is the flower so happy?" I rushed to argue: "It's really sweet." Mom smiled and nodded, then immediately to the gardenia Look around. Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, turned back to the room, and took out the pillow-making work. She smiled and said, "I embroidered the gardenia on your pillow. You said it is good, I am pleasantly surprised. Say: "Mom, you are so smart, so the gardenia will bloom on my pillow forever. "Mom sat down under the gardenia, began to embroider the gardenia. I looked at the small table quietly, my mother's long hair fell, covering her cheeks, raising her head from time to time, watching the shape of the flowers." Then he lowered his head and embroidered on the pillow according to the appearance of the flower. The mother's long hair floated with her head and looked down from time to time, revealing a white face between the blue silk. The mother looked at herself and carefully sewed my pillow and embroidered it Parliament Cigarettes. Flowers, embroidered with full love and care, embroidered with a deep love. I was drunk in the moment when my mother looked up and looked down, and my heart was filled with warmth, and the whole body. The nose swirled with the rich fragrance of gardenia, I It is unclear whether the floral fragrance comes from the gardenia that stands in the courtyard, or the gardenia from the mother until the evening, and the mother handed me the embroidered pillow. I am happy to pick it up. Seeing the big white scorpion flower blooming on the pillow. The blossoming pavilion blooms and sways the graceful figure Cigarettes Online. The mother looks at me with a smile, and the scorpion is full of love. The white cheeks, That gentle smile, that thick Love, let me indulge. Isn't the mother like a beautiful flower of gardenia? She blooms in my life, and the fragrance of maternal love is now. Outside the window, the gardenia is open again. Inside the window, the bed On the pillow, the blossoming white scorpion flower is still in full bloom, and the fragrant flower fragrance brings me the warmth of my mother's love. I know that because of the maternal love, whenever and wherever, The beauty of gardenia
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